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Falmouth Beer Festival and The Big Draw


Warm up your drinking arms and sharpen your pencils because Falmouth is gearing up to host one of the biggest and best beer festivals in the Southwest AND the largest drawing festival in the world!

The Falmouth Beer Festival – 25 – 26th October 2013

11am – 11pm
Tickets £4 or £2 for CAMRA Members
£10 Admission to include a glass, programme and Token Starter Kit

Organised by the Campaign for Real Ale, (CAMRA), the Falmouth Beer Festival is one of the largest and most popular beer festivals in the Southwest. 200+ real ales, real ciders, perries, bottles beers, fruit wines and free soft drinks for drivers.

camra_beer_festival_falmouth_2013Where else would you want try some the best drinks the Southwest has to offer and a few from farther afield? With live entertainment, food and pub games to keep everyone entertained.  Set in the grounds of Gyllngdune Gardens, flanked by the cast iron veranda of the Princess Pavillion and with a view across a stunning Autumnal bay.

Over the last 176 years the estate which once stretched from De Pass Road along to the Membly hall may have passed through several owners and decreased considerably in size but has long hosted large all weather events and festivals. So while you sit and sip your drinks imagine the the Royal Mail Steamer that the cast iron and timber slated seats, added in 1907, were taken from. Or, wander down and admire the shell adjourned restored groto’s.

The Big Draw – Draw Tomorrow – 28th October

10am – 4pm
 Big Draw Shop

The Big Draw Spans fifteen Countries and consists of over 900 events intended to get everyone to save the fate of drawing. With a lamp post that incites images of a C.S.Lewis Narnia and a cast iron bandstand that makes a child of the 70’s think of Trumpton, Princess Pavillion is the perfect location for inspiring content at the largest drawing festival in the world.

Working with artist in residence Ruth Pardy, families and individuals are invited to come together and, ‘Draw Tomorrow‘.

And when you need to take a break and getting the creative thoughts going again? Well aside from a wonderful restaurant to dine in you can take a walk across the road, down some old stone twisty steps, through a tunnel and to the beach that was once the private beach of the Gyllyngdune estate.

Which event are you looking forward to most?

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One Response to Falmouth Beer Festival and The Big Draw

  1. Jayne says:

    Both of these events sound fantastic. The Princess Pavilion and Gyllyngdune Gardens are such great venues – we are so lucky to have them here in Falmouth.

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