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How Can I Get To Cornwall With No Trains Running?


If you are wondering – How Can I Get To Cornwall With No Trains Running? Then you will be pleased to learn – First Great Western ARE running a full schedule between Paddington and Penzance but with bus replacement between Exeter and Plymouth

However, this bus replacement will add an additional 60 – 80 minutes to journey times so please consider this when booking your tickets.

It is anticipated that the bus replacement will be operational for 6 weeks, but this is subject to further inspections to the track by Network Rail and further weather conditions.

The sleeper service is suspended until 28 February 2014.

Full statement is here: www.firstgreatwestern.co.uk/About-Us/Media-Centre/2014/February/important-information-about-services-to-and-from-south-west

So we WILL see you in Falmouth after all! Safe Journey everyone.

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2 Responses to How Can I Get To Cornwall With No Trains Running?

  1. angie stanforth says:

    hi thank god there putting on a bus service i commute to lodon for work so need the train. lets hope it doesnt last too long.

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